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Fast and Reliable Money transfer services
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Transfer Agents

Inward Transfers

By Using OIB’s fast and reliable Money transfer services, a money sent from any corner of the world to families, friends and business partners will be easier and convenient.

Money transfer services of our bank are classified into two major categories:

Inward Transfers

This is a service provided by OIB to receive your incoming (inward) transfers and wires instantly at any of our bank branches. These transfers may take one of the following forms:

  • From Bank to Bank transfers (Fund transfer via our SWIFT ORIRETAAXXX)
  • Trough Remittance Service Providers, currently we are working with above 18 well known international money transfer companies like: Western Union, Money Gram Trans Fast, Ria,Lari Exchange, Alansari Exchange,Money Exchange, Express Money, Golden, Dahabshill,Shift Financial,Asgori Money Express,Kendy Money Mustaqbal UK LTD, Instant Cash, Shaka Express, Kemoson Management Associates and Money Quen Express Corp.

Outward Foreign Payments (Transfers)

This refers to remittances in favor of beneficiaries (individuals or organizations) reside aboard upon the request of OIB’s customers.

Payments will be processed to individuals and or organizations aboard upon the request of the Bank’s customers. The payment can be effected for: imports (≤ USD 5,000.00), tuition fees, membership fees, consultancy fees, medical bills, hotel booking, insurance, etc…