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We know you have a busy life. That is why we’ve made available a variety of ways for you to do your banking on the go

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    የአሐዱን ሞባይል ባንኪንግ መተግበሪያ በመጠቀም ባሉበት ሥፍራ ሆነው ራስዎን ሲመዘግቡ ወይንም አቅራቢያዎ በሚገኙ የአሐዱ፡ባንክ ቅርንጫፎች ጎራ በማለት የባንኩን...
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    We are delighted to share some exciting news that will enhance your experience with the Ahadu mobile application....

We offer specialized banking solutions to various segments tailor made to their specific requirements, complemented with customized engagements through which we create values that suite their different financial standings and expectations. 

Retail Banking ahadu bank
Retail Banking
This segment provides basic banking services to the general public (individual clients) through multiple channels.
MSME Banking ahadu bank
MSME Banking
This segment is meant to serve the widely unserved and underserved sectors.
Corporate Banking ahadu bank
Corporate Banking
Our corporate banking services are for business establishments and high net-worth customers.
International Banking ahadu bank
International Banking
World Remit to ensure its customers fast and safe money transfer service.
Ways to Bank
for your Convenience!

With our Mobile Banking presented to you via mobile app or USSD, managing your finances including paying your bills have never been more convenient.

Our Internet Banking platform allows you to handle most of the transactions you do on a day-to-day basis without leaving the comfort of your office. 

Take your money with you wherever you go with Ahadu Bank debit cards for your convenience.  We offer variety of Debit Cards tailored to your needs.

Visit the App Store or Google Play today.

Experience easy and secure banking on the go by downloading our Mobile Banking App on your smartphone or tablet.

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