Save your transactions! Esubalew D December 6, 2023

Save your transactions!

Ahadu Bank is happy to announce our new money transfer partnership with EthioDash.  EthioDash money transfer system is fast, reliable, and secure to send money to your loved ones.

Additionally, EthioDash specializes in offering excellent customer service and same-day remittances.

You can now use EthioDash’s Mobile Apps or Website to directly send USD to your USD account to purchase Ahadu’s Bank shares from the comfort of your home.

For use, follow this (Following) steps:-

  • Sign up on EthioDash or download EthioDash app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Choose a country to send to, the amount, the delivery method as well as the payment Transaction option.
  • Provide acceptable and valid type of Identification.
  • Send your money to EthioDash via Credit/Debit Card and leave the rest to us.