Ahadu Bank sign MoU with Chapa Financial Technology and Trusted Tech (Laki Pay) Esubalew D May 23, 2023

Ahadu Bank sign MoU with Chapa Financial Technology and Trusted Tech (Laki Pay)

Ahadu: Bank sign MoU with Chapa Financial Technology and Trust Tech (Laki Pay) collaborated to work together in the digital sector.On the agreement, the CEO of Ahadu: Bank, Mr. Sefialem Liben, said that the agreement is a gateway through which customers can easily transfer their money, which creates a convenient arrangement for the payments they make from anywhere in the country or abroad.

The founder and CEO of Chapa Financial Technology Mr. Naol Hailemariam, said that this agreement mainly allows customers to pay or transfer their money from anywhere in the world with a simple application, especially when believers want to support churches and pay their tithes. This partnership will enable religious institutions to collect donations, including tithes, and manage funds. It also marks a significant step towards integrating financial institutions and improving money management for religious institutions.

At Chapa, we are passionate about leveraging technology to reshape the financial landscape while empowering organizations and this partnership with Ahadu Bank is a significant step towards that vision. They expressed happiness.

The founder and CEO of Trust Tech, Mr. Habtamu Tadese, mentioned that this agreement is mainly an application called Laki Pay, which allows customers to use cloud funds to make various money transfers, especially for the development works carried out by religious organizations. They mentioned that they are happy to implement this technology.

This agreement was signed by Mr. Sefialem Liben, the CEO of Ahadu Bank and Mr. Naol Hailemariam, the CEO of Chapa Financial Technology; Mr. Habtamu Tadese, CEO of Trust Tech, signed MoU at Inter-Luxury Hotel on May 20, 2023.