Ahadu bank colorfully commemorate the International Women’s Day! Esubalew D April 4, 2023

Ahadu bank colorfully commemorate the International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8, its provides an important opportunity to encourage increasing their performance activities, help raise their visibility, and amplify awareness raising efforts.

Ahadu Bank has celebrated the international women’s day through various remarkable and unforgettable way. Among others, awarding and recognizing the top ranked Students at Etege Menen General Secondary School, visiting Ewen Disability charity association at her Head office, Blood donating of our Staffs. The outcome of those activity was positive, although debates around women’s income levels were later raised by activists promoting gender equality in most societies. Inequalities in salary, job stability, and sector of activity.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day with the achievements that are made in gender equity leadership, quality, and achievements of Women in our society has made and also more.

They are already on the journey of hitting our target by taking a lead role in the financial sector, in 2025 E.C, in support of the aspirations of the citizenry and the Country. And this comes from encouraging women through in leadership. As a remark; our teams are composed more than 50 % views and experiences across the branches of Ahadu Bank.

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